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At Sculpt, our professionally trained
cosmetic specialists are ready to provide
facial and skin rejuvenation services with
proper care and guidance.

Sculpt’s special services are designed to provide the best skin and facial services that fulfill our patient’s requirements. Our services range from consultation to specialist treatments for lip and skin enhancement services. We provide services for anti-wrinkle problems, jaw slimming and contouring needs, skin brightening treatments, and non-invasive rhinoplasty and face lifting needs.

Our Services

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  • Lip Fillers

    You can improve the shape and volume of your lips with our lip fillers. Add fullness to the overall appearance of your lips.

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  • Cheek Enhancement

    Improve your facial proportions with our clinically approved cheek fillers to enhance your features even more.

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  • Jawline Enhancement

    You can now add fullness to your jaw and achieve an attractive jawline with our jaw enhancement filers.

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  • Chin Fillers

    Chin filler is an excellent method to adjust your chin’s shape and make your side profile look more enhanced.

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  • Anti-wrinkle

    Reduce the wrinkles around your face and any other signs of aging through our anti-wrinkle treatment.

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  • Mesotherapy

    A minimally invasive procedure that nourishes and rejuvenates your skin and hair.

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  • IV Drips

    Reveal glowing skin, hair, and nails from the inside out and boost energy levels by customizing various IV cocktails according to your needs.

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Why Choose Us

Benefits Of Our Special Services

  • Gain Confidence

    With our dermal filler services, you can now improve the overall appearance of your features and boost your confidence.

  • Safe And Effective

    Our treatments are done under safety regulations, such as the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, and the results are always effective.

  • Expert Specialists

    The aesthetics doctors at Sculpt are trained to perform jaw and lip enhancement procedures with extracare.

About Our Specialist

About Dr. Karina

Dr. Karina Naser is a highly specialized esthetic medicine practitioner, focused on facial and body esthetics designed to enhance the look desired by each patient through injectables and other advanced treatments.

Dr. Karina has over 12 years of experience in the field and is continuously researching and seeking the best procedures and technologies available globally. Prior to joining Sculpt, Dr. Karina has worked for leading aesthetic clinics in Dubai. Dr. Karina speaks English, Spanish and Arabic.”


What Our Patients Say About Us!

  • “I visited Sculpt because I had heard a lot about their non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, and they are very much accurate! I was thrilled with my results!”

    Ms. V. Dominika
  • “My skin was sagging a lot around my jaw, so I availed Sculpt’s packages. It turns out they worked very well in tightening my skin!”

    Ms. A. Siddique
  • “I wanted an enhancement procedure to be done on my lips, and a friend recommended Sculpt to me. I was ecstatic when I saw the results, and I have no regrets at all!”

    Ms. F. Gulshan
  • “Sculpt’s anti-wrinkle treatments worked wonders on my face! It made my face appear more youthful, and I loved it!”

    Ms. A. Ather
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